Why I Really Love B2B Marketing

Why do I love B2B Marketing? That’s the question that was recently posed by those nice people at the BMC. Here’s my off the cuff response:
Our profession is maturing. It feels to me that we’re starting to break through and be taken seriously. We’re talking much more about revenue, customers, contribution, systems, gaps – and rather less about clicks and widgets. And we’re talking to more people outside our own marketing team. That’s got to be good news.

The future is unwritten. Our journey is not over – in fact it never will be. As long as customers continue to demand better service, better products, better experiences¬† then marketing will have to strive to match those heightened expectations in everything we do. Frankly we’ve only really made baby steps in anticipating customer needs so far – and what seems sophisticated best-practice today will seem hum-drum by next year. That keeps us all on our toes – and B2B marketing is a great place to be if that excites you. The next few years will be a blast!
It’s accountable. Digital has empowered marketers to build measurements into the discipline more than ever before. When those measurements are aligned to what the business really cares about (e.g. revenue, profit, customers) then we can be part of conversations that shape business strategies. When we are able to operate as a peer to other functions then we get involved in areas further and further away from simply running events. That’s highly¬† motivating.
Creative is coming back. While measurement has taken centre stage for the past few years – partly driven by the state of the economy, it’s great that we’re now starting to see creativity and ideas have a resurgence. Having chaired¬† the B2B Awards judging earlier in the year it is evident that increasing numbers of marketers are working on projects and campaigns that are really thoughtful and inspiring.


The Human Factor. Digital technologies are very seductive, but ultimately this business is about people – whether it’s the clients we’re trying to serve better, or the colleagues that we work with inside our companies and across our networks. B2B marketing is full of energised, inspiring and downright pleasant people – and I learn from them every day. That makes working hard so much more enjoyable, and makes this a wonderful profession to join. #ILOVEB2B

Why I Really Love B2B Marketing Purple Salix


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