Thoughts on B2B Marketing InTech 2016

Last week I had the privilege of chairing the B2B Marketing InTech conference at the Brewery in London. The agenda featured some great brands (Cisco, Oracle, Aruba amongst others) with some great content. My overwhelming sense was that B2B Marketers are becoming a little more cynical about chasing the latest shiny software application and instead are starting to think about how it might impact their customer and prospect relationships, or improve the engagement of sales teams. There was a lot of discussion about the challenges of moving the needle on the company culture, and how we embed some of these best practices around social selling etc.

In discussions in the breaks I found a lot of conversation around how we help our teams prioritise the right things. I’m certainly forming the view that there is an increasing requirement to help our teams to:

  • Make a personal connection between the company’s strategic  goals and our own professional goals
  • Developing capabilities to remain focussed on progressing these goals when there are so many potential distractions

Thoughts on B2B Marketing InTech 2016 Purple Salix

I think this area of the intersection between Corporate/Professional goals and Personal Productivity/Attention Management is going to become an area of increasing priority in our space.

You can read my learnings from the conference over at the B2B Marketing site .

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