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Two hacks that help me prioritise better


Do you find it challenging to prioritise? Do you find it hard to say no to new requests? Do you find that you never quite seem to get round to completing your expenses or submitting your timesheets?

Here’s a simple exercise that might help you clarify what your key roles really are and hence help you prioritise your next actions. More

71% Burn Out among Marketers? Bothered?


Two recent articles caught my eye recently regarding stress levels amongst marketers and how we feel about it. According to a survey of 236 UK & Irish marketers by Axxon Media 71% of our profession are feeling “burnt out”. Despite this, 67% are in marketing because it’s “something they love”. While I’m somewhat skeptical about how that burn-out figure was gathered, at face value it would seem very alarming. Taken together a conclusion could be that we keep doing what we do, even though its hurting us, because we get a sense of self-worth from the work we do. That strikes me as sad. More