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Christmas Comes Early with the Purple Salix Productivity Annual 2018

When I was a child, one of the highlights of Christmas morning was the anticipation of opening the latest annual that had been left by Father Christmas (my parents were always very anti using the term Santa). Would it be the latest annual from Blue Peter, or Dennis the Menace, or the Goodies? One year I even remember getting the Rolf Harris Annual – not much of a demand for that these days…

Back then everyone had an annual. And here’s an early Christmas present from me to  you – because at Purple Salix we’re bring back the Annual! More

8 Steps to Taking Control of your Day – Your Choice (partly!)

Pile of papers in inbox

How’s your day so far? Spent all day shovelling emails, rushing from meeting to meeting, being super-busy but not getting anything significant done? Is the to-do list that you wrote three days ago gathering dust somewhere? Then this one’s for you…

You’re a creative Duracell-bunny – constant thoughts and ideas. Some you write down, many you don’t. Many just come and then go away again, like football managers.  But how many of those ideas have you done anything substantive with? Any? Or have you simply been… too busy? More