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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

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How do I know that I’m focussing on the right stuff? This is a challenge that all of us face – in our personal as well as our professional lives. Indeed, in our increasingly connected world that continues to blur the boundaries between work and home, and in which there are an overwhelming number of digital and physical interrupts/distractions, this question becomes really important to be able to answer with clarity. But most of us are so busy being busy that we can’t separate the important from distractions, or the important from the important to me.

7 Work Survival Tips for 2013

“I’m terrible at todo lists. I write things down in a notebook but nothing ever happens with my notes…”
“When I’m juggling lots of things at work I  sleep badly…”
“I have hundreds of emails in my inbox. I’ve no real idea of what lies in there, but if it’s important they’ll come back…”
“I have my best ideas in the most inconvenient places, at the most inconvenient times…”
“I spend too much energy thinking about today’s challenge and have little energy left to think about the things that really matter to me…”
“When work is really busy I forget to pick up the milk…”

Any of these sound familiar? If so, please read on. More