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Gen Y – is Youth Wasted on the Young?

I was recently reading some research from Hays Recruitment on some research they conducted with 1000 GenY individuals on their attitudes to work, what they are looking for in their boss, technology expectations etc.
It’s a good read with the main headlines being:
  • They want a career that allows them to do interesting work
  • Money is important, but so too is flexibility and bonus potential
  • When looking at a potential employer the opportunity to develop is the most crucial factor
  • They value a coaching style of leadership
  • They expect email to be the dominant style of communications for the foreseeable future
I’d recommend reading the full report because there are some interesting nuggets in here.


Remind me – What does marketing actually do?

I love it when you stumble across something you created a few years ago and, upon re-reading, decide that it still holds up.

A few years ago I was part of a small workshop at IBM that was challenged with the question of “What is our strategic vision for demand generation?”. Grand terminology that can be translated to “What the **** do you do?”. The sentence we came up with was a little dry, but I think it captures pretty well what marketing’s role is around demand generation (clearly marketing has other responsibilities beyond DG, but this was the focus here).


9 Attributes of a Successful Marketing Leader

What are the attributes of a good marketing leader today? I’ve been giving this a little thought recently – marketing is being asked to contribute more than ever before to the business (a great opportunity), is having to deal with an unprecedented amount of change driven by a number of factors, and strategic choices are having to be made on what to change first and what to ignore. 


5 Steps towards Customer Intimacy through Marketing Data

All of a sudden it’s very trendy to talk about data and analytics. Of course there’s very good reasons for this – the data that you capture potentialy provide an enormous amount of insight about a client’s actual and likely behaviour. However most of us are failing to capitalise on this potential.


God Bless Steve Woods!

It’s not often that I bestow blessings on colleagues but in this case I have to make an exception. I have to confess, I’ve been particularly rubbish at maintaining my blog over the past few months. I don’t do this blog on behalf of my employer, and am not driven by publishing deadlines or other events that force me to write. I simply do it because I’m passionate about B2B marketing and am genuinely interested in making a contribution to improving the professionalism of B2B marketing.

My only excuse is that I’ve been busy – pathetic, I know, but there you go. I’m deploying a marketing automation system at the moment and that’s keeping me busy. And when I have a few spare moments I have to confess I prefer to choose to spend them with my family rather than with my laptop. But I’ve recommitted myself to spending more time posting content.

Today I spoke at an event chaired by Joel Harrison and B2B Marketing Magazine. I’ll link to the content in the next couple of days when Joel publishes it. I was covering 10 ways to improve your marketing campaigns. Item 10 was about keeping yourself fresh with new insight. RSS feeds are great but better still is clever people you respect doing the filtering for you. Hence my gratitude to Steve Woods. Steve is CTO at Eloqua – I had the good fortune to meet him at an event in London earlier in the year. His blog on “Digital Body Language” is always thought provoking and I’ve learned a great deal from him. Best of all, he’s started providing a digest of good content that he’s come across from various luminaries in this space. His latest Marketing Automation Weekly Wrap-Up contains links to new content from Laura Ramos at Forrester, Sirius Decisions and Brian Carroll – three individuals/organisations from whom I’ve learned a great deal. So thank you Steve – I’ll continue to use your blog as a useful filter on what’s new.