Sharpen your Axe with RSS

Sharpen your Axe with RSS Purple Salix

I heard a great line a while back comparing RSS with email.

Email is for chopping wood. RSS is for sharpening your axe!

OK – so as marketeers you know you need to stay fresh with the latest marketing approaches and techniques. But you’re too busy to spend time surfing.

Does that sound a little like you?

So do you use an RSS reader? A what? What’s that stand for?

Does that sound like you too? It certainly was how I felt until just a few months ago when I discovered that this was a tool that keep me current, help me expand my network and save me time.

If you still need convincing, I suggest you start with this fabulous CommonCraft video which explains RSS in a simple and really compelling way.

So you’re interested, how can you get started? These steps may help. I’ve also included all the key feeds I currently look at – perhaps you may wish to use it as a starter set yourself.

Which RSS Reader?
I would suggest Google Reader if you want something online.
Personally I’ve had some stability issues with this – but there are several other alternatives (eg Bloglines).

For myself I prefer a desktop based reader as it pushes the updates straight to me – I use GreatNews

Having downloaded/installed your reader, you can add RSS feeds as you come across them, or take my starter set. In order to do this download the following OPML file and then import it into your
reader (eg in GreatNews this is Tools – Import Feeds from OPML/XML). Here’s my RSS Starter Set
You may also want to find an aggregator source to identify RSS feeds for other specific interest areas such as Syndic8

Now delete all those Newsletters that are in your inbox – you won’t be needing those anymore!

I’d be very keen to hear from other marketers on what feed sites they link to in RSS

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