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Sometimes it seems as though Sales and Marketing live on different planets. Marketing teams get frustrated that Sales never seem to follow up on leads that they provide. Sales teams get frustrated that they simply don’t get sufficient decent leads. Somehow it seems easier to whinge about each others failings than to resolve them.

A more mature approach needs to be built around aligned goals, mutual accountability and measurements around the things that really matter (hint: that’s not just email open rates!)

We have found over and over that driving alignment between sales an marketing teams increases efficiencies and delivers a greater return of the leads that are already being created. But most marketing teams are not able to communicate effectively with sales team and sales operations leaders. That’s where we can help.

Sales Execution Elements

The approach to driving alignment is really straightforward – define our mutual goals, agree some roles and timings, and measure improvements. But bringing this approach to life is not trivial, and we tend to work with both teams to help drive clarity and results around the following areas:

Sales Execution Purple Salix

Sales and Marketing Alignment

      • Seller definition of a good lead
      • Lead capacity planning
      • Lead progression terminology (e.g. MQL, SAL, SQL etc)
Sales Execution Purple Salix

Service Level Agreement

  • Clear roles between Sales and Marketing across buyer’s journey
  • Agreements on engagement speed
Sales Execution Purple Salix


  • Measurement alignment
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Dashboards
  • Sales and Marketing Management System

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