About Purple Salix


I believe that the marketing profession is beginning to mature. It used to be about broadcasting the same message to increasing numbers of people in the hope that a small percentage might respond and buy. But something fundamental changed.

The internet has empowered all of us (including our prospects) with choice. Where it used to be about finding potential clients, in today’s world it’s as much as being found by potential clients. And when they find you, do you offer them something that is relevant and valuable to them, on their terms? If you don’t they’ll simply look elsewhere.

So in today’s world it’s about customer insight, content strategies, lead nurturing, inbound marketing all integrated with your outbound activities (which, by the way, still have a place). That’s a fundamental shift that impacts the way you think about marketing campaigns, the skills and attitude you need in your team, and the processes and tools you need to operate efficiently and effectively.

In my career, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to live through and lead key elements of this transformation at IBM and subsequently with several other clients. I’ve learned a lot (and made a few mistakes too) – perhaps these experiences can help you accelerate your own marketing transformation.

Latest Videos

Here are a few videos taken from recent interviews and conferences.

Video Interview – Cyance – Sept 2017

I was interviewed by Cyance about how we can use data more pragmatically to improve the quality of our marketing and marketing automation campaigns.

B2B Marketing Ignite – June 2017

At B2B Marketing Ignite I did a brief talk about how we can take better control of our day – the talk was called “From Busyness to Business”.  The Crocodile Agency interviewed me shortly after my talk.

B2B Awards 2014 (Youtube playlist – 27 videos)

I’ve been involved in judging the B2B Awards for several years.
Hear I describe why each of the 2014 winners were selected by the judges.

What Makes an Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

Highlights of the breakfast briefing hosted by Waggener Edstrom and B2B Marketing magazine.(Mar 2013)

What’s on the Mind of Today’s CMO?

An evening briefing for IDM members and guests to provide first and exclusive sight of findings from the 2011 IBM Global CMO Study that reveals how the UK view often differs from the global (October 2011)

IBM Rugby World Cup 2011 Campaign

This presentation discusses the TV advertsising campaign for IBM’s sponsorship of the ITV broadcast of the 2011 RWC. TV is rare in B2B campaigns, but the most interesting aspect of this campaign is the integration of all the digital marketing traffic drivers and engagement activities, and the journey tracking – allowing continual enhancement of the campaign during its 6 week duration. This campaign won a 2012 DMA Bronze Award.(July 2012)