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Clients’ expectations from your company are higher than ever. They expect you to understand them and anticipate their needs, and that you will deliver them value on their terms, and through the channels of their choosing.

Many marketing teams have struggled to keep up with the changing landscape. Marketing strategies are anchored in expensive events and roadshows, and rely on outbound email campaigns using generally poor data. Results are measured solely in clicks and opens, and the rest of the business sees marketing as a cost – and a target for expense reduction.

The days of “spray and pray” are behind us. The successful modern marketing function engages now needs to engage a broad buyer ecosystem with relevant and timely content using the most appropriate mix of communications channels in order to build relationships that create value for both parties.

Marketing Execution Elements

Leading and delivering change is rarely easy. We help clients assess the capabilities they have, and evolve themselves into the marketing team that that need to be. This may involve assessment and redesign across many of the following areas:

Marketing Execution Purple Salix


      • Marketing Planning process review
      • Customer database healthcheck
      • Client segmentation
Marketing Execution Purple Salix

Messaging Strategy

  • Value Proposition Development
  • Persona Development
Marketing Execution Purple Salix

Attract & Nurture Clients

  • Campaign Design approach (small number, integrated, long running campaigns)
  • Inbound/Outbound strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media strategy
  • Digital Lead Nurturing Design
  • Telenurturing Design (agency versus in-house)
  • Engagement KPIs
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Investment case planning
Marketing Execution Purple Salix

Marketing Automation

  • Automation Business Case
  • Skills/Training requirements
  • Marketing Automation deployment planning
  • Quick Wins

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