Demand Generation Summit – the Movie!

Demand Generation Summit - the Movie! Purple Salix

My last post referred to the Demand Generation Summit at the beginning of this month. As I was saying in my presentation on the day, it’s essential to plan for how you will build upon an activity to maximise the return.

In my opinion, the Demand Generation Summit itself provides a super case study example of post-event activities that many of us could leverage in our own campaigns. We all know that marketing events are expensive – venues, lunches, visiting speakers etc. There are 2 questions that frequently come up in event planning:

  1. How can we ensure that the event is the beginning of a conversation and not the end of it?
  2. How do we engage with people who weren’t able to make the event, or that we don’t engage with until after the event has happened?

Against Question 1, the organising team have created a Linked-In group. Great move – people who attended can join, people who are referred by colleagues can join, people who stumble across it on Linked-In can join. YOU could join – as the time of writing this there are 73 members. Next step is to really get a dialog going within that group – that is more difficult of course because it requires people to participate rather than just observe.

To answer the second question, BrightTALK was one of the sponsors and the presentations were professionally captured and edited on video and are now available from a separate Demand Generation Summit webinar site, along with the slides. Congratulations to all those involved – I think they’ve done a great production job. Check it out!

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