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Here are a few examples of some of our recent client work

Marketing Transformation

We worked with a global mobile telecom provider, as an extension to their agency marketing team to deliver an ambitious proof of concept for a transformed marketing function centred around customers and leveraging technology. This project comprised work streams focussing on Marketing processes, Marketing Automation technology/integration and Sales Alignment. After a successful PoC we are now working with the client on a full global deployment.

Another global data services company asked us to conduct an audit of their marketing processes and skills in preparation for a deployment of marketing automation within the UK. We identified significant gaps around content resourcing and measurement, which are now being addressed.

Demand Generation

A small chemicals startup with some unique technologies asked us to make some high level marketing recommendations around value proposition, targeting, marketing channel mix and organisational design, as they ramped up towards full scale production. The plan was reviewed with the CEO and recommended to the Board.

We were asked by a mid-size Information Management company to develop a structured demand generation approach to complement the existing PR and Branding-lead approach. This involved coaching the incumbent Marketing Manager and providing new ideas and a rigorous scalable approach.

Sales Enablement

A large corporate in the data services space had some new offerings that were positioned for a new audience that the sales force had not previously addressed – in this case marketing and sales leaders. The team was nervous about engaging with CMOs since it was a world outside of their comfort zone. We developed and delivered a workshop for the sales team helping them understand the needs and challenges for CMOs, the key triggers that might signal an opportunity, and reviewed their engagement plans through one to one coaching and role play.

A global financial client sells their product through the channel (banks) and wanted to increase the channel focus on small business across Europe. Enabling and exciting the corporate sales team (who managed the channel relationships) was critical to success. The project here was to act as a “boundary agent” between the business leader, his marketing team and the marketing agency. Over the course of the engagement an innovative internal sales enablement program was delivered encompassing stakeholder management, education via an interactive game, face to face workshops, and the creation of multiple elements of enablement collateral, all delivered via a bespoke digital hub.

Marketing Agencies

We work with a number of B2B Marketing agencies – usually as an associate where we can provide additional skills around Marketing Transformation that the agency do not possess in house. One agency has additionally contracted us to help develop some processes and management disciplines around staff/manager coaching and skills development.

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