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ROI – Not Fit to be King!

The marketing profession has become increasingly obsessed with measurement. Nowhere is this more obvious than in many of the discussions we have around Return on Investment (ROI) calculations, which are as frequently used to support poor and lazy decision making as they are for good. 


Using LinkedIn as a Lead Generation Tool

A friend recently asked me "We all periodically do this LinkedIn stuff – but what’s it actually for?" Linking up with past colleagues and friends has some value, making yourself available to the advances of recruitment agencies may or may not interest you. But is that it?

However I’m increasingly seeing people use LinkedIn as a way to generate new leads – primarily by creating and joining LinkedIn Groups and developing a profile for your "personal brand" by answering and asking questions within those groups. There’s a good article on this by Prashant Kaw over on the Hubspot blog

If you want to keep tabs on the conversations within the groups without having to remember to go to LinkedIn you can have an email delivered to you on a regular basis with a summary of the most recent topics being discussed in the groups. Unfortunately there’s rather too much of the "Fabulous marketer seeks work in the Des Moines area" type in many of the groups but there are some useful connections to be made here.

Which LinkedIn Groups do you find the most valuable as a B2B Marketer? What have been your experiences?

Expanding Your Sales Outside of Core Clients

If you want to grow your business, you either need to sell more to people who’ve bought from you previously, or identify more people to buy from you. I think that’s obvious.

Equally obvious is the requirement to identify growth markets and invest in those.

But if you’re the marketing exec responsible for an existing mature market, and your sales force would rather just develop opportunities from within their existing clients. You’re already struggling to get someone in sales to pick up the leads that you’re generating outside of the core clients.

Sound familiar? Have you got experience with these challenges? What did you do? What were some of the challenges?

Which is Best – Nurture by email or telephone?

Someone asked me a question the other day to which I felt I wasn’t able to give a good answer (happens all too often!). So I thought I’d solicit the opinions of this community.

We were discussing approaches to response management (a.k.a. Nurturing) within marketing questions. So you run the marketing activity and a bunch of people “raise their hand” . Perhaps they go to your website and they download a white paper in exchange for some contact information.

The question was: What is the most appropriate next touch? Should you pass the contact information to a telemarketing resource to engage by phone, or should you contact them via email?

My own views on the appropriate answer to this question continue to evolve. What would your answer be? Tags: ,,,