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Christmas Comes Early with the Purple Salix Productivity Annual 2018

When I was a child, one of the highlights of Christmas morning was the anticipation of opening the latest annual that had been left by Father Christmas (my parents were always very anti using the term Santa). Would it be the latest annual from Blue Peter, or Dennis the Menace, or the Goodies? One year I even remember getting the Rolf Harris Annual – not much of a demand for that these days…

Back then everyone had an annual. And here’s an early Christmas present from me to  you – because at Purple Salix we’re bring back the Annual! More

8 Steps to Taking Control of your Day – Your Choice (partly!)

Pile of papers in inbox

How’s your day so far? Spent all day shovelling emails, rushing from meeting to meeting, being super-busy but not getting anything significant done? Is the to-do list that you wrote three days ago gathering dust somewhere? Then this one’s for you…

You’re a creative Duracell-bunny – constant thoughts and ideas. Some you write down, many you don’t. Many just come and then go away again, like football managers.  But how many of those ideas have you done anything substantive with? Any? Or have you simply been… too busy? More

My “Busyness” Presentation from B2B Ignite – Are you too busy to be happy?

Yesterday, 1000 of the great and the good (and me) from the B2B Marketing industry gathered at the Business Design Centre in Islington for a fabulous all day event – B2B Ignite. Congratulations to all the B2B Marketing team for an exceptional day.

In a day that was packed with content about ABM, AI, Content Marketing and the Martech landscape, I had the pleasure of sharing a few thoughts on how we can achieve greater productivity. From the feedback it was clear that it’s an area that all of us in Marketing are struggling with.


Weekly Review: My #1 Tip for staying Sane when things are spiralling Out of Control

spiralling out of control

So you’re busy. Congratulations! It’s called LIFE.

If your todo list is just getting longer – even to the point that you don’t want to look at it, then this post is for you. You need a process alongside your lists that helps you make sense of it all, pick up the stuff that might otherwise fall between cracks, and ensure you keep your commitments and show up well prepared. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a PA to help with all this? But help is at hand for the rest of us in the shape of our Weekly Review – a habitual checkpoint process that acts as the glue to help you have a more  productive and stress-free week. Let me explain… More

How I get my Todo List from 150+ to 9 things every day using Todoist

Projects on Todoist

Over the last week I’ve had a couple of detailed discussions with people about how we approach our todo lists and in particular how we ensure that we feel good about what we’ve accomplished during the day. A common concern seems to be “I’ve been really busy all day doing stuff, but I don’t seem to have got anything significant done”.

For me, Productivity is not a goal – it’s simply a set of habits aimed at helping me get my most important stuff done in the most efficient way. While tools are important, they won’t make you more productive by themselves; nor will they tell you what your goals are. However they can support you in developing better habits and making better choices.


Two hacks that help me prioritise better


Do you find it challenging to prioritise? Do you find it hard to say no to new requests? Do you find that you never quite seem to get round to completing your expenses or submitting your timesheets?

Here’s a simple exercise that might help you clarify what your key roles really are and hence help you prioritise your next actions. More

The Purple Patch: Marketing and Productivity news. And some fake.

The Purple Patch

The media is under fire! Cries of “Fake News” are hurled at stories to cover a myriad of possibilities including completely fabricated articles, articles from opposing viewpoints and even satire.

So this seems to be the perfect time to talk about my own newspaper called the Purple Patch and confess that a little of it is fake news. But only for fun – I’m not trying to rig my local parish council election here.


Becoming a Productivity Chef – The tools I use every day

Productivity Tools

As a self employed consultant, and previously as a corporate manager, I’ve invested considerable effort over several years to hone the approach I use to getting work done, remaining focussed on the current task, and maintaining a balance with my life beyond work. This post is about the tools I use and the workflow i employ to help me be more effective.

Before I go further let me stress an important caveat. More

7 Steps for a Productive 2016

Vision, mission, goals, strategy and asctino plans

In my view, time off at Christmas and New Year is mainly about having fun with the family and catching up with old friends. However it’s also a great opportunity to reflect on the last year and to think about your approach for the year ahead. This week is a great time to kick back and have a think about what lies ahead for the New Year and everything you want to achieve.

71% Burn Out among Marketers? Bothered?


Two recent articles caught my eye recently regarding stress levels amongst marketers and how we feel about it. According to a survey of 236 UK & Irish marketers by Axxon Media 71% of our profession are feeling “burnt out”. Despite this, 67% are in marketing because it’s “something they love”. While I’m somewhat skeptical about how that burn-out figure was gathered, at face value it would seem very alarming. Taken together a conclusion could be that we keep doing what we do, even though its hurting us, because we get a sense of self-worth from the work we do. That strikes me as sad. More