My “Busyness” Presentation from B2B Ignite – Are you too busy to be happy?

Yesterday, 1000 of the great and the good (and me) from the B2B Marketing industry gathered at the Business Design Centre in Islington for a fabulous all day event – B2B Ignite. Congratulations to all the B2B Marketing team for an exceptional day.

In a day that was packed with content about ABM, AI, Content Marketing and the Martech landscape, I had the pleasure of sharing a few thoughts on how we can achieve greater productivity. From the feedback it was clear that it’s an area that all of us in Marketing are struggling with.

Chop-Chop Busy-Busy Work-Work Bang-Bang

Thos of a certain age may remember this classic BT commercial from the 1970s?

We are living an an era of the glorification of Busyness. We wear overwhelm and over-scheduling as  if they are badges of  honour and are so busy doing stuff with no clear purpose. This is bad for our health and happiness and also pretty lousy for effectiveness of the companies we work for.

Longer hours is not the solution

My "Busyness" Presentation from B2B Ignite - Are you too busy to be happy? Purple Salix

A poll of the audience revealed that while 43% felt they were making some headway in controlling this busyness, almost one third are coping by working longer hours. This is is hardly a healthy state of affairs.

Email and Meetings are Killing our Productivity

My "Busyness" Presentation from B2B Ignite - Are you too busy to be happy? Purple SalixInterestingly email is still seen as the greatest inhibitor to our productivity. And of course nearly all email is about someone else’s agenda.

And the same could be said for meetings, which came second in our poll.


So what can we do?

I shared a few tips on how we can change our relationship with email and how we can get more out of meetings, however I think a more fundamental change is needed in the way we approach our work that puts us back in the driving seat.

I believe this involves developing a personal workflow that helps us make the right choices that move us towards our goals. Our attention is the scarcest resource we have, and we need to find some hacks to help us focus it on our agenda without becoming distracted.

However no-one is going to fix this for us. We need to take personal responsibility for making a change to our behaviour. And I believe that if it is really important to us we will do something about it.

How important is it for you? A good start might be to subscribe to my Purple Patch newsletter which contains plenty of Productivity and Marketing insights every week.

You can view my slides below. I’d love to discuss it further with you. Why not send me an emal – perhaps we could arrange a meeting!!

[slideshare id=77163957&doc=busynesstobusiness-igniteslideshare-170622055533]

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