50 Networking Thoughts Everyone Should Read

50 Networking Thoughts Everyone Should Read Purple Salix One area I am trying to focus on at the moment is increasing my network and networking skills. This morning I stumbled across this excellent list of 50 tips to improve your networking from RainToday.Com. Some are really obvious, but I’m sure everyone can find a few helpful takeaways amongst them. My own personal favourites include

  • Come to every networking event with three great questions ready to go. Be sure they begin with, "What’s the one thing?" "What’s your favorite?" and "What was the best part about?"
  • When you read an article you like, email the author. Tell him what you liked about it and introduce yourself. He’ll usually write back.
  • Have an awesome email signature that gives people a reason to click over to your website. Just be careful not to have too much information included.
  • Every time you meet someone, write the letters H-I-C-H on their business card: how I can help. Then think of five ways to do so.

Read all 50 here

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