5 Ways to make B2B Lead Management more Effective

Catching up on some reading today I came across this article from the ITSMA – an interview with the excellent Brian Carroll. It offers the following common sense advice to improve your lead management:

  1. Create a marketing funnel
  2. Create a universal definition of a lead
  3. Use the phone
  4. Ask about goals – don’t sell
  5. Define lead nurturing – and the right people to nurture

All good stuff – you can read the full article here.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to make B2B Lead Management more Effective

  1. Perry

    If I may also add to the list, I would recommend the use of a special program that can help you manage your leads a lot better and more effectively. In my article about the importance of lead management software, I have emphasized how it allows sales agents to monitor leads properly, categorize them according to priorities, and keep track of their buyer behavior. All these factors will surely help the business nurture their leads and eventually keep them as regular customers or clients for the company.

  2. Pete Jakob

    Thanks Perry
    I agree that there is a lot to be said for lead management software. However I would personally only make it number 6. In my experience too many people rush to a software solution in order to achieve efficiency without first making the necessary process and definintion improvements that Brian Carroll refers to. For me the most fundamental requirement is to ensure that your marketing activity is aligned with your sales teams objectives, capacity etc. Unless the sales team is hungry for the leads any money you spend on nurturing and lead management software will be largely wasted.


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