2009’s Top 50 Marketing Blogs

2009's Top 50 Marketing Blogs Purple SalixThere’s always a plethora of lists of “this years blogs to watch” around this time of the year. I just stumbled across one from Evan Carmichael (a new author to me – but creating lists is always a good way of promoting your profile in the blogosphere). Some old faithfuls in here (Seth Godin, Marketing Sherpa, Guy Kawasaki) plus several that I’ve not come across before. Helpfully they’ve divided them in to different sections.

What additional ones would make your list of must-read blogs – particularly in the B2B space?

Personally I would add Chris Brogan, Marketing Profs Daily Fix and Web Ink Now for starters.

2 thoughts on “2009’s Top 50 Marketing Blogs

  1. Steven Woods

    I would agree that people tend to do “lists” a lot, which is great. If you’re putting one together though, it would be great if you had a bit more info on each – how frequently updated it is, main topics (or tag cloud), blogger motivation (corporate, consultant, independant, etc). That’s the information I always try to put together in looking for good blogs, and it’s rarely in the lists.

    Oh, and it would be great if you had a look at Digital Body Language as one to potentially include. 🙂

    Keep up the writing, I’ve enjoyed your blog.

  2. Pete Jakob

    I agree with you about entirely Steve. The other thing I like is when someone also makes the list available as an OPML so I can import it into my RSS Reader.

    Thanks for the link to Digital Body Language – it’s on my reader now!


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