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Today’s Business Marketing is a combination of Art and Science.

Great creative is no longer enough – nor is measurement of activity alone. It’s the financial return from marketing investments that counts. But with long sales cycles that’s often not an easy conversation.

In addition, with the rise of the empowered consumer, the successful marketing team needs to master a set of new skills around maximising the insight from client data, balancing traditional outbound approaches with digital inbound tactics, developing relevant content, nurturing conversations until they are sales-ready, and aligning closely with our sales colleagues.

Every day there is a new, shiny, must-have marketing technology launched. But the reality rarely lives up to the promise – sometimes because of the technology itself, but more frequently because of your ability to leverage it.

Things need to change!

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So where do you go the get help?

You will need expert assistance from someone with experience in what you are trying to accomplish – not just someone who’s read a couple of articles on the internet.

You need someone who understands the realities of your role – the different projects and internal relationships competing for your attention, and who can help you manage the expectations of your internal stakeholders.

And you need someone who is committed to helping you deliver early successes upon which to build, rather than simply scoping a beautiful plan that will never be delivered.

In short, you need Purple Salix.
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Home Purple Salix

Marketing Science, Marketing Transformation, Business Impact

Purple Salix is not just another marketing consultancy. We take nearly 3 decades of marketing and sales leadership experience in the largest global B2B Brand and make it available to your organisation. From analysis and strategy to execution and measurement, we offer pragmatic and proven methodologies that deliver. Our clients have included household names through to smaller enterprises and startups.

Founded in 2012 by IBM veteran Pete Jakob, Purple Salix applies pragmatic, client-side experience to your marketing transformation.

Our expertise covers (amongst other things) marketing transformation, marketing automation, database marketing, lead nurturing, telemarketing, sales/marketing alignment, digital strategies, advertising, web analytics, etc. If you have an ambition to improve performance in any of these areas we should talk…

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Our Expertise

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These services will help you assess the current state of your marketing activity and capabilities in order to help set the direction for where you are going. Vision creation, stakeholder engagement, communications planning and success measures would often be within scope of these services.


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Marketing Execution

This is a broad area that examines all the potential elements of your marketing execution, encompassing value propositions and messaging, campaign planning, inbound/outbound strategy, channel mix, content strategy, persona development, lead nurturing, marketing technology and campaign learning reviews.


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Sales Execution

In B2B marketing, the relationship with the sales function is critical. But most marketers are fearful of their sales colleagues, and don’t understand their world. Our offerings here help marketers build a meaningful dialogue by focussing on metrics that matter and that drive accountability between both parties.


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Personal Productivity

Achieving and maintaining focus on our work is one of the greatest challenges that affects all of us, irrespective of our job-role. How do we make progress towards our goals without being blown off course by email, meetings and other distraction. We have developed a systematic approach to getting our work done more productively – built on multiple best practices in this field.